My Story

28th November 2017

Hi I would like to explain my life with CRPS.

In 2014 I was just relaxing all of a sudden I felt ill, weird sensation then starting shaking my entire lower torso. I felt immense pain like no other. It was in my foot sharp stabbing burning pain in my left foot.

Ambulance arrived gave me morphine was in hospital they did x-ray in foot said my foot was broken. I have never damaged my foot I said. I was sent home. Another 3 times I was rushed to hospital. On the last visit a neurologist stated I had a major nerve issue. I eventually had a bone scan on my foot which showed increased blood pool activity. I could not walk for 2 years and my foot was in a moonboot.

I’m on Lyrica twice daily which only eases my pain flare ups. I found that an anti-anxiety medication, which is used in nerve pain conditions to calm the nervous system, is the only thing at the moment that takes the pain away for a while. I have had 9 inguinal hernia ops throughout my life unsuccessfully. I was working up to operation no 8. I have 5 protruding discs in my back with gives some pain.

Some docs don’t know what to do. I researched, and I am going to a pain clinic who says they treat CRPS. My injuries, hernia and back are not the issue it’s my foot that gives me grief. I recently had an MRI. Results negative. Thanks for hearing my story. I keep moving and I’m reasonably fit. But this foot nerve issue has taken 3 years hoping for better treatment.

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