5th July 2018

Hello all, I’m very new to this whole publicly acknowledging my battle with CRPS.  I was diagnosed after an accident that required surgery.  After this I went through many different drugs, calcitonin injections, a 7 day ketamine infusion, epidurals, countless sleep deprived weeks and months, mirror therapy and now a spinal cord stimulator that is ineffective at this time.  I’ve had a full install twice and countless revisions.  27 operations over 3 years.  Currently I am off all pain killers and pushing through but would like to acknowledge the mental toll this takes, on not just on your mental health, but maybe even more your partner’s and close friends.

I had the most wonderful amazing support in my partner since day dot, but the struggle with mental health and not wanting to deal with my pain in a positive way, as well as trying to kill some of the mental and physical pain with alcohol and not focusing on what I had, has ultimately cost the love of my life and my amazing partner.

If I can I would like to raise more awareness that CRPS is not just dealing with chronic pain and sleepless nights.  CRPS is a mental battle within yourself.  Think of the support you have and how that makes some of the pain a little easier to deal with.

Please, Please, Please, do not follow the path I did as one day the support and love you had and the core support system that was there every day, every minute, every time will no longer be there.

I am 27 and try to push through the 24/7 pain and the holding breath break through pain.  I work, cycle and push very hard.

I would really like to promote CRPS and how it’s not just well known but how it impacts on love, relationships and mental health.

I would also like to acknowledge my former partner so very, very much.  She was with me and dealt with the stress day in day out.  I’ll remember what you gave me until every day and forever.  I would also like to thank my close family and friends for their support for the past 3 years and at present.


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