Not the Usual Baggage Room Damage..

13th March 2019

 I was injured while working in the bag room at the Brisbane airport in December 2017. The injury to my lower shin and ankle happened when I was carrying oversized containers.  Because my view was obstructed, I walked into a towbar that was left out on a luggage barrow.

A haematoma developed which eventually went away, however the persistent burning pain of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome has persisted ever since.  Being unable to work at the airport since my accident has been a tough 15 months. My flares up sting and burn so much, that I can’t even walk around the block, I even struggle just with a walking stick.

Leslie's leg with large bruise

Last year I was getting out of a taxi after hydrotherapy and a piece of glass pierced the left back of my foot, trauma that I first thought was a planter wart. However, that wasn’t it.  It was actually a benign tumour that a dermatologist diagnosed, which was caused by the trauma of my CRPS.  Because of the pain of the flare up this caused they put me to sleep so they could cut it out.

I have been told to stay off my foot longer, so it’s just been a ‘crazy turn my life upside down time’.

After failing many different treatments for the pain of CRPS I did a trial towards the end of last year for a DRG neuromodulator at St Vincent’s Hospital, which is designed to disrupt the pain signals to the brain.  The trial was a success, so now I am waiting impatiently for surgery for the permanent stimulator to be implanted in April.  In the meantime, I go in to hospital next week for a ketamine infusion. I am really hoping that these procedures will give me the pain relief that I desperately need.

In the future I would like to see Brisbane get access to Calmare,  a drug free scrambler therapy, which is not yet available in this state.

picture of Leslie's feet

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