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CRPS Awareness Leaflets and Posters

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Poster and leaflets are available to be used in your local community.  They can be used in medical clinics, on notice boards, in shops, even in school or sporting group newsletters.

Please go to if you would like to be sent leaflets for yourself or for use in your community or use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Requests for digital copies to create awareness in newsletters or online can also be made.

To set up an awareness booth at at an event or shopping centre near you, please contact us.

Picture of CRPS Poster

If You Have Intense Pain You May Have CRPS – A4/A3 Poster

Picture of the November CRPS Awareness Poster

CRPS Awareness Month A4/A3 Poster

Picture of Fracture Care Poster

Fracture Care   A3 Poster

Picture of the front of a CRPS Information Leaflet

CRPS 3 Fold Leaflet Main Features & Symptoms