Take part in new research studying the way the two brain hemispheres interact when someone is recovered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).



Participants must be more than 18 years of age and recovered from CRPS.


What is involved:

Each experiment takes about 2 hours during which you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires. We will fit an electrode cap to your head, and surface electrodes at your wrists. Then a stimulus will be applied at your wrists. We are interested in reading the signals in the brain that result from this stimulation using a non-invasive measurement of brain activity, electroencephalography (EEG).


Participant honorarium:

All participants will be compensated for their time ($ 60 gift voucher).

For more information and to register your interest please contact Ashraf Gerges (Mob: 0411896044 or email 

This study has been approved by the University of South Australia Human Research Ethics Committee, Ethics Protocol 202053.

Take part in new research aiming to guide and improve the treatment and care of patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in the future.

To be eligible for the research you must be at least 18 years of age with a confirmed diagnosis of CRPS from a doctor and have had CRPS for at least 6 months.

For more information and to complete the eligibility survey, please click on the links below:


Take part in a clinical trial for a new targeted, non-opioid , potentially first-in-class therapeutic medication for CRPS.


Current Trial Locations In Australia:


T R I A L   N O   L O N G E R   R U N N I N G

Take part in an online study looking at Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in young people and get an Amazon voucher!


S U R V E Y   C L O S E D


Pain can present many challenges for young people and their families. These challenges can last a long time or may change over time. This study looks at the social developmental challenges that young people aged 14 to 25 who experience pain face. Adolescence is an important time of life for developing a sense of identity and future aspirations. This has been seen to be very important for well-being.

A team of researchers at the University of Bath in the UK are conducting research that addresses how young people with CRPS think about their future and how those around them (e.g. parents/caregivers) think about their child’s future.

If you are:

* A young person, aged 14-25 years, with CRPS


* A parent/caregiver of a young person (aged 14-25 years) with CRPS

…then you may be eligible to take part in the study!

The study simply involves completing a 20-25 minute only survey which asks you to think about the future. Those who take part in the study will receive an electronic Amazon voucher to thank them for their time. Study recruitment is being conducted separately for both young people and parents. To find out more please visit https://wp.me/Pa4hqM-4 or to take part please email

The study has been approved by the University of Bath Psychology Research Ethics Committee.


Research in Adelaide – Body in Mind


Do you have complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) of the upper limb? You may be eligible for our experiment.

We are investigating how the brain processes sensory information. We are reading the brain’s responses to brief electrical stimulation to the hands, using electrodes on the scalp. You will also be given some questionnaires to complete.

This experiment involves a 2-hour (approx.) lab visit to the University of South Australia. We will reimburse you $20/session for your time and will cover your transport expenses.

Please contact Flavia Di Pietro () for more information.

A survey on bodily changes, sensations, and mood in people with chronic pain


S U R V E Y   C L O S E D


I invite you to take part in a University of Bath, UK, study that I am conducting to investigate how chronic pain affects bodily functions, sensations, and mood. I am genuinely excited about this study and believe that it will truly help to improve the understanding of CRPS and other chronic pain conditions, so I hope that you will consider taking part.

I created this study with one of my students because of experiences of bodily changes and sensations that people with chronic pain have shared with me and with other people in my lab. I am interested in better understanding these changes and sensations, and in understanding any differences between the experiences of people with CRPS and those of people with other chronic pain conditions.

I would be very grateful if you could complete the survey, and if you could share this survey with other people – with or without pain – who might also be willing to complete it. Only people who are 16 years old or older can take part.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes and the responses are anonymous, meaning that the answers cannot be traced to you. To thank you for taking part, you will have the option of submitting your email address for entry into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon.co.uk voucher at the end of the study. This email address will be stored separately to your survey answers.

To read some more information about the study and to take part, click on the link below, or copy the link and paste it into your internet browser. You can complete this survey on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can do this at home or anywhere where you have internet access.


If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to contact me on .



Do you have CRPS of the upper limb? Are you aged between 18 and 75 years? You may be eligible for a research study.


We are investigating the brain’s role in chronic pain of the limb. We are using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), some tests of touch on the skin, and several questionnaires.


The study will involve one visit, lasting up to two hours, in Randwick, Sydney. You will be reimbursed for your time and effort.


Please email Flavia for details: