Here at CRPS Network Australia we are passionate about making a difference for Australians currently living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, everybody it touches and those whom it may impact in the future.  We are all unpaid volunteers and use all of our diverse skills to create positive change and lend a voice to the CRPS community.


All of our volunteers are extremely valuable to us, donating their time and energy, assisting our work and making life better for those with CRPS. Everyone has different skills and interests and there are so many ways you can get involved as a volunteer to raise awareness and funds for this disorder.

You can help us with fundraising activities and events, participate in research or by speaking publicly to educate the wider community about CRPS. It doesn’t matter how you help, we will appreciate your support and welcome you as part of our CRPS Network Australia family.

As well as knowing you are truly doing something positive and making a difference to the lives of others, you will also benefit from making new friends, having fun and building new skills and knowledge.

If you would like to register your interest to volunteer for us, please us the contact form to let us know.